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Janelle Tudor-Whitehead


Janelle is a product/project professional with experience delivering products and services to market in the telecommunications sector. She has also been contributing to the non-profit space in the Magnet division of Ryerson University where she supports initiatives for diverse and inclusive economic growth. 

Janelle possesses an MBA (UK), an MSc. in Telecommunications (UK), a BSc. in Computer Science and was a participant in the Green Economy Bridging Program for Sustainability Management with Ryerson University. Her skillsets include analysis, collaboration, product development, reporting, business readiness, incident management, risk management and stakeholder communication and engagement. Some of her key career achievement include revenue gains from data auditing and consumer experience initiatives and operational improvements from training and best-practice research. In-line with her career pursuit in project and/or product management, 

Janelle is focussing on expanding and pairing her knowledge with sustainability interests through research and volunteerism. Janelle holds an appreciation for foreign cultures and the literary arts but also enjoys the finer things in life. A passion for knowledge and an active interest in sustainability, she is a believer in the potential of others and welcomes the opportunity for creativity and innovation as both driver and contributor.

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