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MacNeal Lashley better known as Mac is first and foremost a dad to four beautiful daughters who are the centre of his world. As a father, he is a firm believer that nuclear family is the driver of success, happiness, and health. 

Born and raised in Barbados, Mac migrated to Ontario, Canada and completely shifted focused from many years as a successful integration Project Manager and took on the role of insurance sales and grew into an experienced Financial and Investment planning professional. With a Laser focus on assisting families and professionals in building, protecting, preserving and passing on their wealth. 

Mac also carries a passion for personal and social development across a wide spectrum of corporate, social and community-based organizations with a global vision of impacting the world through each person he meets. This led indirectly to know and subsequently him joining the board of Donald Moore Community Services Inc. Which he enthusiastically serves as Board Secretary and also as a Rotarian in his community of Hamilton, Ontario. 

This passion for humanitarian service is what keeps him engaged to do more for every family not just his own.

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