Black History Month in Canada

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Black History Month In Canada

What does Black History Month mean to Canadians?  For that matter, what is black history in Canada?  After all of the turmoil, tears and triumphs we all experienced in 2020, It is more important today than maybe ever before that we recognize and honor those struggles and accomplishments.

So, what is Black History in Canada? They are the Canadian stories, accomplishments and experiences of people of African origin. It’s important to recognize that Black history did not begin in recent times in Canada, but rather,  in ancient times in Africa.  In truth, Black History in Canada, is the collected stories of people connected by a common African history and ancestry. The African-Canadian population is made up of individuals from a range of places across the globe including the United States, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Canada.

We at Donald Moore Canada are proud to present a tribute to those black Canadians who blazed the trail that we walk upon today with humility and gratitude.  To accomplish this, we are honoured to have partnered with  Historica Canada who have done a fantastic job of developing visual media that chronicles Canadian black history.

We also ask that you take a moment to discover ways that you can help black communities in Canada



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