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Canadian Black Charities To Donate To

Canadian Black Charities – This article on Black Charities in Canada was updated on November 27, 2020

These are some incredible times we are living in.  There hasn’t been this level of attention on black issues and the overall black community in Canada in over 50 years. What makes this fact even more noteworthy is that its all happening during the greatest pandemic in our lifetime.  Today, more and more people and companies are asking themselves how they can be a part of these historic times by helping the Canadian black community.  To give you a hand, we’ve provided a list of great Canadian black charities to donate to that are working hard to to uplift the Canadian black community.


PowerFilled Youth TO (PFYTO )

One of the best Toronto black charities to donate to is PowerFilled Youth TO.

A well known registered charity since 2016, PowerFilled Youth TO has been fighting the good fight by empowering, educating and uplifting the the Toronto black community.  Currently managed by its tireless founder, Kimya Mignott, their good works have even garnered the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.  Kimya and her Toronto Charity PowerFilled Youth TO were given the limelight on The Ellen Show to showcase the great work they are doing in the black community.

The accolades don’t stop there for this hardworking Canadian charity.  In 2019, PowerFilled Youth was on the shortlist to receive the prestigious Governor Generals Canada History Award for Community Engagement.  Additionally PowerFilled Youth has also received the Jerome Henry Award for Community Engagement Excellence.

Powerfilled Youth provides:

  •  Mentorship programs
  •  Workshops
  • Leadership activities
  • Dramatic arts and community outreach initiatives
  • Social justice initiatives
  • Black history, culture and the value of positive community engagement


Donald Moore Canada

Donald Moore Canada is easily one of the most respected black charities in Canada.

For decades, this registered charity has been providing programs and scholarships for the Canadian black community.  Named after the black Canadian Order of Canada recipient and black social justice pioneer Donald Moore, they strive to live up to the ideals of their namesake each and every day.

Canadian Black Charities

More recently, Donald Moore Canada, proving itself as one of the best black charities in Canada, has launched a computer donation program.  Asking corporations, small businesses and individuals to donate their old or end-of-life computers, laptops and peripherals.  These systems will be then donated to the underserved individuals, families and organizations of the Canadian black community.

Their deepest hope is that once this pilot program, currently targeting the Ontario black community and Ontario Black charities, will soon evolve into a national initiative.  To This end, Donald Moore Canada has developed some impressive strategic partnerships with the likes of Grand & Toy, HP,  Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and others. This national initiative will help to narrow the digital divide between the Canadian black community and the Canadian white community.

Donald Moore Order of CanadaDigital inequality can be conquered if we come together as Canadians in common cause and lend a helping hand.

“Dedicated to the promotion of a better Canadian citizen”  (Donald Willard Moore 1951)




Moore receiving the Order of Canada from Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn
City of Toronto Archives
Fonds 431, File 5, Item 1

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Black Health Alliance

The Black Health Alliance is a remarkable Canadian black charity that every Canadian should consider donating to.

The Black Health Alliance’s core mission is to reduce racial disparities in health outcomes and to promote the overall well-being of people in Canadian Black communities.  This is done with an emphasis on the broader elements of black health, including mental health and racism.

Canadian Black Charities BHAAs one of the top community led registered Canadian black charities, The Black Health Alliance builds on their well established track record of being a champion of groundbreaking research, strong relationship development and improving the health of black Canadians.  They strongly believe that in order to improve the health and well-being of Black communities, we must all work in steadfast partnership to build and maintain our communities.  Black Canadians must  recognize their problems as collective difficulties, and work cooperatively to eliminate theses issues together.

The Black Health Alliance has recently launched their Toronto COVID-19 Resilience Bulletin in cooperation with the University of Toronto’s Black Medical Students’ Association .

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on, Toronto’s Black residents, families, and communities will need to identify new ways to stay healthy and safe. It is critical that we as a community remain open with and support each other.

Canadian Black Health Alliance Black charity

The Black Health Alliance’s focus is on enhancing our communities’ ability to respond, recover, and regroup in the face of this COVID-19. Their aim is to update the black community as the outbreak continues to wage war on black Canadians.



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